27, Reisduerferstrooss   L-9366 Ermsdorf   Luxembourg   GPS: 6,2250 long   49,8391 lat
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Luxembourg Stad

Luxembourg (French: Luxembourg, Luxembourgish: LĂ«tzebuerg) is the capital of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, situated in the canton of Luxembourg and has 92,342 inhabitants (1 January 2010). The rivers Alzette and PĂ©trusse flows through the city. The name comes from Luxembourg Lucilinburhuc, that means small castle. Luxembourg is one of the richest cities in Europe. It is an important city for the international banking world. At the same time the city with Brussels and Strasbourg is one of the most important sites of European institutions, the European Court of Justice is located.

in 963 Count Siegfried built a castle with a simple defensive wall on the Bock promontory. It is the city of Luxembourg arise. Over the centuries there were on the west side two defensive belts constructed. Several engineers, including Vauban, built the city into one of the strongest fortresses in Europe. This gave the nickname Luxembourg Gibraltar of the North.

At the Congress of London in 1867, Luxembourg was declared neutral and had the fortifications dismantled. Only 10% of the fortress is thus preserved, including the casemates that during World War II served as a shelter. The old town and a few remaining fortifications were in 1994 on the World Heritage List. In 1995 and in 2007, Luxembourg was the Cultural Capital of Europe, a status that in 2007, shared with the Romanian Sibiu.

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